Eau de parfum 100ml

T H E   A T T R A C T I V E   S U E D E

The opera house darkens and the heavy curtains are drawn aside. Against the light, mandarin and blackcurrant swirl between the lower masses. A board creaks, it’s her. A half-naked shoulder, the rose crowds and perfumes the scene with her sweet spices, followed closely by her faithful saffron. The osmanthus wanders in turn and lets out a piercing laugh.

To the sound of percussion, the fiery wood of Gaïac bursts in, diffusing a powerful smoky and woody fragrance. The rose feels her cheeks flush, her shyness swelling. The seducer swirls around her and bewitches her. She thinks of her faithful husband, but without an ounce of rebellion, she succumbs to the amber charms of carnal wood.

The spectators- leather and musk- breathe together a powdery animal note, and celebrate the just born idyll. The embrace, like the large velvet curtains, the young love they know is as ephemeral as it is incandescent.

Soon the intoxication of the first moments will die. First, he will give a few kisses, and then disappear just as he appeared. The only thing left for her to do will be to pretend and to wear her dark secret.