You have just acquired a Maison Laugier candle and we thank you for your purchase.

Let us guide you through these few usage tips that will enable you to make the most of your candle while prolonging its lifespan.

Burn your candle for at least 4 hours when you use it for the first time, i.e. until the entire surface has become liquid. This will prevent the formation of a ‘well’ around the candle wick and guarantee good combustion every time you use it. However, we recommend that you never let your candle burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

Before each usage, check that the height of the candle wick does not exceed 5 mm. Remember to trim it regularly in order to avoid too big a flame, which is likely to cause smoke.

After each usage and before the wax cools, take care – without burning yourself – to reposition the candle wick vertically in the middle of the pot. If a ball of charcoal forms at the end of the candle wick, we recommend that you remove it- once the wax has cooled down – with a handkerchief or by cutting it while making sure not to leave it in the wax.

While your candle is burning, please make sure not to place it in a draught to avoid the wick moving, since this could cause the combustion to become irregular.

Once your candle is consumed, let it cool down completely before imagining a new use for its container. Remove the solid residual wax. You may wish to keep the label, in which case make sure not to moisten it too much. You can recycle your glass jar as a candle holder, a small vase, a decorative pot or for any other use you can think of !

Please take note of these few operating instructions, they will prevent you from risking fire or injury:

We recommend that you place your candle on a flat, stable, fire-resistant surface and away from any flammable material (fabric curtains, wooden objects, etc.).

Do not place it on a shelf.

If the flame touches the sides of the container, or approaches them, blow your candle out and replace the wick before using it again.

Never leave a lighted candle unattended. Keep it out of reach of children and animals, and remember to blow it out as soon as you leave the room in which it is burning.

Please be careful not to touch a lighted or hot candle, you may burn yourself. You will be able to move it once it has cooled down and thus once its wax has solidified.

Never swallow the contents of your candle and do not try to blow it out with water or any other liquid product.

For safety, please make sure to use this candle for the intended purpose only.

If the container breaks or gets damaged, we recommend that you do not use your candle as it stands. Making sure not to injure yourself, try to remove the candle from its container in order to place it in another suitable container.