Perfumer Maison Laugier welcomes you into the intimacy of its workshop and passionately shares its expertise with you. Throughout our different workshops, we give you the freedom to create your own olfactory signature!

Drawing on your roots, your olfactory memory and your dreams, imagine an exclusive fragrance that expresses your authenticity and your singularity.

Guided by our Nose and along with our perfume organ, create the essence of your memories.

The perfume bar

Discover the 5 themes specially composed by our Perfumer : white flowers, subtle fragrances, character fragrances, roses notes, woody notes.

Accessorize the chord of your choice with carefully selected quality raw materials, and create your unique perfume.

Enjoy this workshop by sharing a special moment with our Perfumer and learn more about the art of perfumery, the different raw materials and the composition of a perfume.

1h workshop given in French – Every Saturday

15 ml spray bottle – 59€ (3 seats per session)

The private workshop

Our Perfumer guides you in the writing of your formula and helps you create a unique perfume. Release your creativity and select your base, heart and top notes among the 80 bases of our olfactory library.

Our nose will introduce you to the raw materials, the olfactory families, the architecture of a perfume…

Choose a name to personalize your fragrance bottle.

2h workshop given in French – From Tuesday to Saturday

100 ml spray bottle – 139€ (3 seats per session)

The tailor-made creation

During four private and thorough appointments, our Perfumer creates an exclusive formula, a unique fragrance that corresponds to your image and who you are.

Meeting: in a one-to-one meeting with our nose, express your tastes, desires, dreams and memories in order to begin imagining your singular fragrance.

Development: our Perfumer then develops 3 formulas based on very different universes yet in connection with your personality and your olfactory profile.

The discovery: you then have the freedom to test and compare the different compositions at home. This is your opportunity to wear, to tame, to love and to criticize your different fragrances.

Le coup de Coeur: according to your intimate feelings, our Perfumer refines the fragrance you have chosen.

To finish, you will choose a name for your fragrance and we will personalize your bottle.

100 ml spray bottle – 650€ *

* Optional delivery package : €55 – This flat fee is optional and represents a contribution to the postal costs of sample shippings, if applicable, in France.

Refill your perfume

You took part in one of our workshops and created your own tailor-made fragrance that you wish to order again?
No problem, we’ve kept your formula.

100 ml spray bottle – 95€