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Maison Laugier, a creative Perfumer, invites you to embrace a memorable experience :
the creation of your unique fragrance, imagined and composed by our Perfumer.


Perfumer Maison Laugier welcomes you into the intimacy of its workshop and passionately shares its expertise with you. Throughout our different workshops, we give you the freedom to create your own olfactory signature ! Drawing on your roots, your olfactory memory and your dreams, imagine an exclusive fragrance that expresses your authenticity and your singularity.

Guided by our Nose and along with our perfume organ, create the essence of your memories.

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We imagine perfumes based on precious moments. These moments when we wish we could put everything on hold to leave space for what we regard as ephemeral grace, those that don’t always appeal to the olfactory senses. We strive to recreate them through perfume.

Maison Laugier loves to tell stories and then enable your imagination to seize hold of them. Impregnated with a certain amount of romanticism, our creations are modern, luxurious and always elegant and carry both meaning and dreams. Our collection expresses itself free of artistic boundaries, with an innovative spirit and the desire to bring freshness into the world of niche Perfumery.

Our Perfumer has created bold chords, respecting the traditional art of French Perfumery. The result is a collection of exclusive perfumes that reflect the richness and diversity of exceptional raw materials as well as a collection of home perfumes and beautiful scented candles that combine mineral and vegetal wax.

We wish you a memorable experience.

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Our story starts in 1909 in the fields of the hinterland of Grasse, in the South of France. Léontine Laugier began planting orange trees. Her plantations rapidly prospered thanks to the rise of Perfumery.

The gardens grew into beautiful orange orchards, thus stimulating the creativity of the Perfumers of the time. Orange blossom, the only raw material used for its flower, fruit and leaf, proved to be the source of a unique richness and amazing generosity for Perfumers, blessing them with a new freedom for composition.

Four generations later, Elodie Campagne, Léontine Laugier’s great-granddaughter, launches Maison Laugier as a tribute to her family’s history.



After having graduated from Lyon Business School (EM Lyon), Elodie Campagne decided to found Maison Laugier in 2016. After three years of working for international organizations, Elodie embarked upon the adventure she had always dreamt of: to develop an innovative concept, creating her own brand for confidential and unconventional perfumes.

As daughter of a family of Perfumers in Grasse, she created her very own olfactory world and today cultivates a passion for noble, rich and flamboyant raw materials. Elodie strives to combine olfactory emotions with those of her memories, thus making her childhood the cradle of her inspiration. From her gentle and peaceful childhood, she remembers the Mediterranean scents, the aroma of hot stones, the magical smell of daisies and the powerfully aromatic maquis.

She has a particular fascination for orange blossom, a scent that enables her to imagine her great-grandmother, Léontine Laugier, marveling at the purity that reigned in her beautiful orange fields in May.

Through Maison Laugier, Elodie tells her story and honours her family. She perpetuates a family tradition whilst adding her own personal sensitivity and personality to it.



Come and find us in the heart of the center of Lyon, 6 rue Thomassin, in our very special workshop and boutique where we showcase our perfume creation laboratory and our collection of perfumes and more.

We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm. For bookings, please call or email us

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