Eau de parfum 100ml

T H E   C A P T I V A T I N G   F L O W E R Y   O U D

For his journey in search of meaning, he chose immensity. Some would say to run away from his life, but he is there to find it. The sun slips in the hollow of the dunes, the hour is calm and voluptuous.

On the cooled sand, the rolled up by the sun cinnamon diffuses a hot and sweet perfume. An ecru tent stands before him. On the floor, the overlapping rugs encourage him to enter. The hanging fabrics slide over his face depositing the swirls of smoked oud.

The mighty wood of the gods caresses his skin and his soul. He enters, and like a beggar of love, finds himself facing his sweetheart. Her eyelids half-closed, she swings her body and sprinkles the floor with rose petals. She dances and waves, again and again.

In her hair, patchouli reveals a suspicion of forbidden. Away from prying eyes, the playful vetiver goes hand in hand with vanilla while in the hollow of her neck, musk diffuses cottony and powdery notes. The smells intertwine and compose a wild symphony, the hymn of sacred love.