Eau de parfum 100ml

T H E   A D D I C T I V E   S P I C Y   C I T R U S

It’s six o’clock, Paris is waking up. In the street of Strasbourg, Mani’s chai tea is served. The intoxicating scent of milky spices mingles with the fervor of the first rays of summer. The flight to his native land is immediate.

Bombay, the day is here. The undulating alleys fill with the sound of bewitching chants. The spices loaded with promises line up in a precarious balance, ready to entice the passersby.

In dazing heat, freshly piled cardamon and dawn-picked bergamot taunt the king of spices.

In a sensual ballet, the Olibanum perfumes the warm air in its mystical and meditative scrolls. The twirling saris lift the powdery iris while the thick black braids dance, exhaling an intoxicating musky scent. Agitation and meditation seduce and kiss, enveloped by the caresses of coumarin and patchouli, softened by a creamy sandalwood.

In a final reminiscence, Mani savors thali with his family. Flavors have the virtue of evoking images. The pastries bring him back to his tea, which he now drinks all at once, thoughtful. Mani smiles: here, thanks to his friends, he knows his heart is as rich as the Bombay’s colours.