Eau de parfum 100ml

O P U L E N T    O R I E N T A L    S P I C E

Getting ready to leave, wrapped in their virtual elegant aromatic evening gown, pink berries and nutmeg are ready for the big night.

In a sort of nocturnal poetry, amber is adorned with resplendent labdanum lace from Iran. Ready to go dancing, a hint of encaustic balsamic mystery weaves its way through the warp and weft of the perfume’s fabric. The oriental power remains proud and dignified despite its charming false-pretenses. Powdered with iris from Tuscany, slightly authoritarian, this staging simply has it all.

Delicious and vanilla-flavored, this gorgeous and warming fur neck warms and reassures on this deep dark night.

Midnight rings and the time has come for amber to withdraw while offering her last breath, muffled and elegant as is the case after every evening.