Eau de parfum 100ml

U N E X P E C T E D   L E A T H E R E D   R O S E

Already regarded as a legend, this bad girl is endowed with an electric charm and dazzles by her beauty. Yet bitter clary sage and hurtful galbanum cautions us as to an underlying threat. Her skin, spotted with Ceylon cinnamon, is irresistibly spicy and golden. She assumes her immoral notes and around her, she does evil.

As she inspires passions, the Turkish Rose, a psychedelic splendor, is an accomplice to her intentions. Provocative and burning, she is even sometimes mean. Her glowing and saffron mane intoxicates spirits and she knows it. Other flowers fade through jealousy when she walks past.

Capable of the worst, she never hesitates to give a fatal blow of oud. She enjoys lacerating hearts with her styrax claws. But the evil seductress is well aware that a second amber-scented chance will be offered to her.