Thanks to four in -depth private appointments, our Perfumer creates an exclusive formula, a unique fragrance that corresponds to your image and to who you are.

Meeting: in a one-to-one meeting with our Nose, seize the opportunity to express your tastes, desires, dreams and memories in order to begin imagining your unique fragrance.

Development: our Perfumer then develops three formulae based on very different universes yet in connection with your personality and your olfactory profile.

Discovery: you then have the freedom to test and compare the different compositions at home. This is your opportunity to wear, tame, love and criticize your different fragrances.

Le coup de Coeur: Based on your intimate feelings, our Perfumer refines the fragrance you have chosen.

To finish, you can choose a name for your fragrance and we will personalize your bottle.

100 ml  spray bottle
Your gift card will be valid for one person and for a year as of the date of purchase.