Eau de parfum 100ml

G E N T L E   E A U   D E   C O L O G N E

In a search for lost time, suddenly a memory came back to me. In this innocent watercolor of citrus fruit, I saw it. Lime and peppermint were embracing for the first time. Shivers and illusions were echoing at each other on this soft vibration. Everything seemed so perfect and yet there was no certainty that this was real. Classic and authentic, the blurred limit between fantasy and truth was playing hard to get.

This malicious and bubbly smile, so easy to trigger, has stuck in my mind. Its zesty dimples refreshing the beautiful moment that does not fear to be forgotten.

A little bit like first love, this tender rosewood still resonates in me like a melody. The earthy notes leave no space for doubt and fear.

It was the time when life was carefree.

Just smell and remember.