Home Perfume 100ml

It was very hot and the sand was burning that summer. There she was, where everything seemed more beautiful. Just behind the dune, in the immensity of the amber sand, she was there, dreaming.

Far from everything, in this oriental daydream the softness reigned and extended way beyond what she had imagined. So beautiful she would make palm trees shudder, her footsteps in the sand reflected a state of freedom.

With powerful mind-blowing myrrh, she wraps and carries our dreams towards new horizons. Where the palm grove expresses all the generosity of its exotic charm. Thus exhaling its dark psychedelic labdanum resins.

Benzoin acts like the magic of a stolen kiss under a palm tree. Surprising yet delicious, it leaves a euphoric and malicious trail.

In this sand from afar, she suddenly understood what absolute happiness meant.