Eau de parfum 100ml

E L E G A N T   M A R I N E   W O O D L A N D

The instant fresh and peppery flight invites the ocean to join us on this wonderful epic journey. Altitude is gained and the sea sprays meld into one.

Agile and fluid in the air, the beautiful bird leaves with determination, searching for the big blue. Carried by the winds, the king of Azur dreams of a place where sky and sea mingle together. Where the oceanic and celestial blues happily embrace. In this sea and air spirit, the desire for the great departure is confirmed.

Far away, the cedar of the Atlas caresses the animal’s feathers with elegance and delicacy. This dry and woody dream blows a rational and profound earthly impulse on the ocean.

But the Prince Des Nuées is already gone. So far away that we will not see him again, where the horizons become blurred.