Scented candle 250g

L E S   D I V I N E S   F L E U R S   B L A N C H E S

The first orange glows of dawn appear in a deafening and opulent silence. The mist dissipates little by little, allowing its vaporous notes of fresh coconut to fly towards other skies. As she rises, the sun warms the souls, but the air that is still fresh respects the sacred offerings.

The whispered prayers make tuberose, jasmine and frangipani resonate. Their white and lush petals delivering forth all their nobility. This exotic and divine composition carries the spirits forward in a deep meditation with velvety and spicy echoes. A green vegetal moment refreshes this mesmerizing and blossoming procession.

The long-sought after balance is now all embalming in the splendor of its grace and beauty.

Once this enchanted moment is over, in a sort of inner and woody peace, the pagoda is ready to once again welcome the same divine air the next morning.