Eau de parfum 100ml

M A J E S T I C   O R A N G E   B L O S S O M

Léontine arrives at the top of the cliff, charged with Italian bergamot energy. Short of breath, she looks at the far-away sea as if she was looking at her future.

In this orange tree field, silent purity reigns. And it is right there, in this saturated heat, that she feels most alive.

What she loves above all is folding a leaf in the palm of her hand. The green notes mingled with her own scent give her the feeling of belonging to the land she lives on.

The childish and generous fragrances of this oh so comforting flower reveal it little by little. At this moment, innocence has a smell, embalmed by her insolence.

A desire for independence settles in her romantic eyes. Her rebellious and jasmine looks augur well for a future imperfect beauty.

In search of her roots, her vanilla secrets and her Tonka dreams, Léontine now knows, her scent will be orange blossom.