Eau de parfum 100ml

T H E   U N S T O P P A B L E   W O O D Y   F R U I T Y

Like a treasure, she serves the precious sesame she inherited. Against her heart, she holds the keeper of her memories, the secret box of her ancestors. Soft and weathered leather hugs her body, caressing and protecting.

The purse once weighed on her grandmother’s shoulder, forever padlocking happy femininity, the rare elegance. Honey, almond and sweet plum spring up, betraying the desire which had been kept secret by its opaque accomplice. Like a spiritual halo, cinnamon arises, embalming the air with a warm presence. 

She searches, feels, draws. Among the scribbled pieces of paper, a wooden pencil diffuses a charismatic  cedar which evokes the natural elegance of her mother. The enveloping notes of tobacco which never left her, sublimate the warm smells of wax and leather. A powder compact that slams lets escape a powerful and airy patchouli. The sky, like the odors, knows how to eternize the absent.

Suddenly, a spray of vetiver underlines her singularity, her newfound zest for life. It is the witness of her first loves. With it and thanks to them, more than ever she feels like a woman.