Eau de parfum 100ml

T O U C H I N G   P O W D E R E D   F L O W E R

The day of her departure is moving and fruity, her refreshing and embarrassed shyness is discernable. This sweet goodbye took place with notes of velvety white peach and shimmering tangerine. But Kalinga will be back. In the meantime, her fragrance remains.

Full of grace and harmony, her zest for life can be read in this fugitive impressionist bouquet. The beautiful floral touches of peony, jasmine and neroli flutter together. Petal by petal, she builds an image that even she herself is sometimes uncertain of.. But forever bright and multi-coloured, she enchants the lives of others and magnifies their crazy dreams. These pastel instants in her company will remain eternally fascinating.

Last time she was here, she looked out on the world through this icy window. But perhaps it was not the others she was watching. What was Kalinga thinking about while facing her own reflection looking at her? Perhaps the depth of this oak moss bewitched her too. Or was it lovely last moments of the white musk that she loves so much?