Dernière flamme

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It was inevitable.

Thick and heavy smoke announces a burning cataclysm. Metallic and full of temper, the incandescent boiling slowly approaches. In a sort of rage, the destructive spirit ravages everything in its path.

Tonight the jungle is on fire.

The enraged flames devour and enjoy the precious woods. Sandalwood, myrrh and oud murmur, like a final confession, their burned and martyred notes. The sinister and hypnotic fire leaves a tenderly perfumed coal scented path.

But as violent as it is fascinating, the catastrophe loses steam and says goodbye in a last vanilla breath.


To take full advantage of your candle, let us guide you through some direction for use to extend its life.

The first time you use your candle, let it burn for at least 4 hours, i.e. until the entire surface has become liquid. This will prevent the formation of a pit and ensure that the candle burns well for the next time it is used. However, we advise you to never let your candle burn continuously for more than 4 hours.

Before each use, make sure that the wick is no higher than 5 mm. Remember to cut the wick regularly to avoid too large flame and therefore the formation of smoke.

At the end of each use and before the wax cools down, reposition the wick vertically in the middle of the pot without burning yourself. If a ball of charcoal forms at the end of the wick, we recommend you to remove it with a handkerchief once the wax has cooled down or cut it off without leaving it in the wax.

During the burning process, be careful not to place the candle in a draught, as this can cause the wick to move and the candle to burn unevenly afterwards.

Once your candle has been used up, let it cool down before you consider using the container again. Remove the solid waxy residue. You may want to consider keeping the label, taking care not to get it too wet. These glass jars can be used as candle holders, table glasses, small vases, decorative jars and for any other use you can think of!


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