Eau de parfum 100ml

M O N O C H R O M A T I C    A Q U A T I C   F L O W E R

This penetrating glance would leave no one indifferent. Once encountered, the first impression is icy. Overwhelmed by her modern freshness, this new wave takes us with her.

In her beautiful eyes, one can glimpse hope, tinged with a subtle and discreet tinge of lily of the valley. Her desire to escape and her wooded dreams are revealed by her great nonchalance. The desire to stare at her eyes is irrepressible, the elegance of white Russian tea sparkling in them and drawing us in. In this monochromatic and powdery complexity, her charisma shines forth in black and white. Her timeless and openly assumed difference etches its mark in time.

The fragrance of her skin, which one would like to be musky, will undoubtedly permeate our thoughts forever. We wish we could imagine her story and her secrets, but the ephemeral sensation of having seen beauty in her eyes is all that will ever remain.