Scented candle 250g

L E   R É J O U I S S A N T   S A P I N   É P I C É

Much-awaited, he prepares for the “Grande Veillée”. All year long. In his wonderful world of muffled snowy forests, he is not that unique. From his amazing needles, festive preparations emerge, the very essence of his mind.

Most of the time, he waits. Once he arrives in the home, the green resinous magic may begin. He likes to tell his fabulous woody stories with bluish tints. Epic adventures and camphor, which we never tire of hearing about.

Decorated with clove, spiced with cinnamon, garlanded with delicacies and illuminated with vanilla, he brings hope and happiness. Full of love and surprise, he generously welcomes the dreams of others at his feet. In a kind of innocent peace, he makes families gather and makes them kind. In the warmth of his amber lights, the long winter nights seem more colourful. He knows it and is proud of it, he is the real star of the show.